23 Research Things – Thing 6

Just a quick post today, as I’ve not got much time. We’re finishing off the second week of 23 Research Things Cambridge with a focus on creating new content using tools such as Storify, Paper.li, and Scoop.it.

 I must admit I found it interesting to see these tools framed as content creation resources, whereas I would think of them much more as resources for curating content. This perhaps reflects the ways I’ve most commonly seen them used – I am most familiar with Storify, and normally see it used by people to archive a series of tweets (I tend to follow very verbose people who do a lot of their thinking on Twitter, so instead of firing off a single, pithy, 140-character remark, they write entire essays as a linked series of tweets) that they want kept together and accessible as a unit. The other times I see it used are usually after conferences, when one attendee will trawl through the conference hashtag and gather a bunch of livetweets in the one place. On most occasions, then, I see Storify used to archive and present tweets without comment, rather than with the addition of relevant videos, images, and contextualising commentary mentioned in the outline for today’s Thing. Similarly, I’ve always thought of services like Paper.li and Scoop.it being a way to curate links for personal use (to be used much as you might use Pocket), rather than to publicise them.

As such, I found today’s Thing a useful reframing of resources that I had not previously considered for use in a content-creation context. One of the things I’m considering doing as a result of the 23 Research Things Cambridge programme is start creating some kind of themed collections of links, in a location less ephemeral than Twitter. I had been intending to do so on my blog, perhaps making use of something like Pocket to gather the links together until I was ready to post them. However, I’m now wondering if Paper.li or Scoop.it might be better. Watch this space!

About thelibrarianerrant

I'm a senior library assistant in one of the faculty libraries of the University of Cambridge. My posts here are in a personal capacity, and are on any topics relating to library and information services.
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2 Responses to 23 Research Things – Thing 6

  1. Really glad to hear that reframing curation/creation tools was useful to you. While I agree completely that many of these tools are curation tools, but curating content you are creating something new and different which I think it quite fun and useful. Congrats on getting to the end of Week 2!


    • Thank you! You are indeed correct that curation is a kind of creation, but as I said, I’ve never seen these tools used to provide much in the way of contextualising commentary before, so this opened my eyes to new uses for them.


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