End of the year reflections

I have one day left at work before I leave for the Christmas holidays, and I wanted to spend a few moments reflecting and taking stock on the events of this year — because it’s certainly been an eventful one! This year I took on more projects, challenged and pushed myself more, and I hope that the things I’ve done and produced reflect that.

Image_Blogpost_End of Year

These are the new things I’ve done this year:

  • Managed the transition back from temporary office space to the newly refurbished library. My training delivery during the move had been peripatetic, hopping from seminar room to seminar room depending on which spaces were available, dealing with limitations of software and equipment. After moving back to the renovated library, I had to work hard, along with colleagues, to remind users that we existed, and that we were back in our old building. Once word spread, however, training requests picked up, and indeed the volume was higher than in previous years.
  • Presented a lightning talk at the annual Cambridge Libraries conference on my experiences of training without a training room — going from a suite of dedicated PCs to a little trolley full of laptops and portable wifi device.
  • Developed a new approach to teaching critical appraisal involving a lot more outreach, teaching invited, subject-specific sessions at the request of individual user groups. This involved liaising with the users about the paper to appraise, reading and making my own evaluative notes, and then facilitating the sessions. These sessions were so appreciated by the groups who requested them that many have decided to make them a regular occurrence at annual meetings, training days and so on, and have thus been a really successful way to build up visibility for the library and what we can offer.
  • Attended an international conference.
  • Went on secondment for two months in a very different department and role to my main job, learning a lot about open access advocacy and compliance in the process — all of which I was able to translate back into concrete changes in information I provided in my main role.
  • Participated in two intralibrary projects within the University: one to develop an information literacy teaching and learning framework for students, and the other (which is ongoing) to apply UX techniques to map the student learning experience across the University.
  • Created a systematic reviews advent calendar which unlocks new resources for every stage of the systematic reviews process each day between 1-24 December. This advent calendar has been a huge success, generating hundreds of page views each day, and being linked to by prominent experts in the field, including PRISMA and local NHS Trusts.
  • Had a lightning talk proposal accepted for next year’s Cambridge Libraries Conference.
  • It’s been a pretty big year, and I’m proud of all the interesting work I’ve done, on top of the day-to-day challenges of my regular role. I’m grateful for the opportunities to participate in projects with colleagues in other libraries, as well as to learn from people in different sectors. I hope next year is as full of learning and adventures as 2017 has been!


    About thelibrarianerrant

    I'm a senior library assistant in one of the faculty libraries of the University of Cambridge. My posts here are in a personal capacity, and are on any topics relating to library and information services.
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